How to Design User-Friendly, Easy To Navigate, & SEO Friendly Websites?

Business nowadays focus solely on search engine optimization that they forget to make their website user-friendly and easy to navigate for potential clients. Customers are a business main priority and you have to do what will attract them to purchase your product or service because if you don’t, they will move to your competitor that they can access. If you don’t have a well-made website, users will find it difficult to know what your business is about which hinders visibility and clicks which may transform to conversion. In order to achieve a website that will direct users to useful information’s about your business, you need to make it simple, friendly and comfortable to use.

If you cannot design a well-made site then it’s better to outsource it to a reliable SEO Agency that is recognized for its craft like Bikashsoft Technology situated in Kathmandu Nepal, they offer consultancy and provide web development services to ensure the design of your web is appealing and can attract customers, they also render other services that can develop your page to guarantee a top rank on social media and search engines.

If you can handle the design, then you should know the 4 ways that can help you design a friendly website.

  1. Build a responsive and mobile friendly page

We are in a mobile world and almost all searches are done on mobile, this is a medium you don’t want to neglect when designing your page. Make your page easy to access on mobile devices and responsive so that it does not allow users that may want information’s on your product or service leave.

  1. Less is more, make navigation as simple as possible

Less is more is a saying that goes for virtually any and everything in life. Make your web design as simple as possible for easier navigation process and also ensure your page does not have complex names. You can also integrate sub links in your menu bar or footer for easy access.

  1. Make contents easy to understand and relatable

Use simple and concise words to converge your message to users, in as much as you want to use terms related to your field, you also need to know your target audience and if they can understand. Also use a common language that users can read and relate with to pass your information to the other party. Lastly, make your contents easy to share so it can be seen my other users on your clients network, in this social media era your potential customer might be on your present customer’s network.

  1. Have a visually pleasing website

People prefer images and videos to reading text, make sure you add images that depict information and videos that tell stories of your service for better audience. On search engines, videos are on top and text are below so it makes a lot of sense to add these visuals to be SEO friendly.

        Junaid Ali Qureshi