What’s Holding You Back To Become a SEO Expert? Learn SEO with Its Tools.

Are you worried about getting expertized knowledge and tools, which will lead you to become a SEO EXPERT in future?
If your answer is yes, then this article exactly belongs to you!
Yes, you!!
Because these guides and tools are going to help you with varieties of questionnaires and curiosities you may have (or relate) regarding SEO, the Search Engine Optimization.
A SEO EXPERT is not a complex or complicated task, which might be running in your mind this time, but actually is a combination of frameworks which should be taken into action very wisely and effectively to attract traffic and rank high of your website or any pages of that site.
SEO can be difficult (or boring) task for beginner learners (or starters) due to the fact of availability of various outdated and uninformative guides and information in GOOGLE or any other search engine regarding the proper tools and guides for SEO strategy, which is very unusual or bad for a good learner. We know the fact that any learner or beginner do may have little knowledge or without any knowledge too, which is completely inappropriate and they start believing in them following completely wrong path.
Taking into consideration of these facts and realities of these days, we are forced to write something useful and knowledgeable guides for enhancing you from Novice to SEO Expert. We believe that, our guides are very beneficial for serious learner with their own effort too; because being expert is not a joke and can never be happened by surface study, i.e. require deep study and researches too.
We are not demotivated to tell you that we are not doing this for our own selfishness (you may leave if you think so right away); it is completely for you because we already know all these which is included and will be included further and only wants to share with you.
With all our knowledge and researches in SEO, we have organized some essential factors regarding SEO tools and guides actually required in real field. The following are the highlighted factors which you should take into consideration to reach your goal (i.e. SEO), not the goal of your whole life.

Topic or Title selection
Choose a topic which can surfacely describe what is included inside the whole blog or post. This is one of the ways of attracting web visitors for keeping a look and forcefully enabling them to click on your blog or articles.
There is a phrase in English “don’t judge a book by its cover”, which is absolutely correct but not in the topic we are currently discussing on. The main theme of adding these examples is awarding you about the human nature and their reactions. An attractive topic (or cover of book as mentioned above) doesn’t surely include the best ideas you are expecting but instead catches the eye of the visitors enabling them to check out what’s inside it.
The whole idea of describing the common example above is not to betray your visitors, but making them conscious or surety of their expectation inside.
By the way, it is a first step for SEO of providing proven topic (title) for catching the eye of visitors and in further steps you will know about other things to be taken into consideration for a complete SEO contents, blogs or articles.
Note: (There are lots of title generating tools available in search engine for your easiness and saving times, but we don’t recommend you to do so, because your aim is to be expert, so be creative.)

Technical SEO
The main goal of technical SEO is to take the effective action for improving the search results of website or webpage for crawling and rendering which will hence results in high ranking in search engine. This technique plays a vital role for best ranking of your website or any pages inside the website which will be displayed in first or earlier pages while entering related keywords in search engine.
However, the earlier your content or website occurs in the search engine, the more visitors and hence more and more traffic which will highly rank your page. This technique helps you a lot for attracting users in your page.
Note: (unless your page or content is not available in earlier pages (the more earlier the more better because 95% of user see their result in first page out of thousands pages), your page won’t be visited no matters how essential things you have included (if best in that topic also does not matters).)

Optimizing Content and its Marketing
A good content (article or blog) is very essential factor in SEO which make a plea to users (visitors) and Google Algorithm. Content, being one of three most confirmed factors for Google ranking (Rank Brain and Links or other two), plays very important role for best ranking of the website. User friendly keywords with best understanding descriptions are the key goal of a good content marketing.
A most famous and common search engine, Google, is built or designed using such an algorithm, which tracks the strong keywords and provides its users with the most relevant results that they might have expected to be.
Note: (not only keywords plays main role for high ranking via content (blog) but it should provide a useful and strong logic with best supporting words forth and behind. Google now uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) which is user friendly and catches only useful or relevant results. Hence, write wisely providing best understanding for your readers (any users).)

Schema Markup
It is one of the most powerful tools in the context of SEO friendly content because it helps to extract the small or brief description as a part of longer content. The mail role of schema is to provide added ideas to a page which will else be meaningless. This technique is found to be very useful for users and search engine itself.
Note: (Schema tells search engine about the meaning of your data and uses a unique semantic vocabulary in micro data format. Hence, write to give knowledge or useful information for your users (visitors), not only engaging yourself in ranking your website. A positive vibe with user is also an important factor, not only in SEO but in your life too.)

User Experience
Google now is using Artificial Intelligence (AI) for better web ranking which is actually a best factor. As web stalker is purely a human but not the computer and it only deals with the algorithm or the pattern it was intended for. Rank Brain (one of three most essential factors for SEO) is the signal Google uses now as AI which works with ClickThrough Rate (percentages of users clicking to visit a site or page), Bounce Rate (a situation of your site not providing data as per their wanting) and Dwell Time (stay time at your site after arrival).
This tool (Rank Brain) is the powerful tool or algorithm for high and low ranking of your website.
Note: (This factor is actually a tricky one. You should three things in your mind for Rank Brain. For ClickThrough Rate, you should attract users from title or any kind of other attractions, intending them to click on it. This plays one of several roles for your best ranking. You should be really careful with Bounce Rate because of two reasons (first is you are being an expert, so you must provide best results as per their wanting which allows them to stay on that page and another but most important reason is it will highly affect in the third factor (Dwell Time), if they leave immediately). Last but not the least, Dwell Time, you should create your site or page in such a way that users should be happy staying at your page for long time, which can only happen if you are impressing them in various ways via web.)

Links are the key factors for SEO ranking because of full enrollments of links building in the web. These links are especially inbound links, outbound links and inter links.
As previously discussed in User Experience, the more clicks and the more time user spends in your website helps in high ranking. Links plays great role in these factors because your main intention will be to keep more visitors in your webpage.
Note: (All the factor as described from above and below from here are more likely interrelated to each other. So make sure of not skipping anything, even a word while going through this blog.)

The speed of the Website
The website speed is a reasonable factor for users to enter the page and exit with or without seeing the page. In simple language, any user needs fast loading websites as time is very valuable factor for everyone. If website requires more and more time to load as per their expectation, then they will leave the page without visiting either by their frustration or any reason (which can be purely related as human nature). Finally they don’t want to see in your website which they are curious to see few seconds earlier.
Taking this factor into consideration, Google now uses page speed in ranking, which may be particularly not good in every sense, but is done for good user experience.
Note: (designing pages in such a way and upgrading them or doing anything for loading your website faster. You can try upgrading your web hosting plan, enabling browser caching, removing unnecessary plugins, minimizing HTTP requests and many more tricks and tools. You must keep one thing in your mind that your page should load fast because 90% of users leave immediately with slow loading pages or sites.)

Mobile Friendly
Mobile is trending device these days and more web searches are often with mobile devices these days comparatively. Google has carried out Mobile-First Index now in reality which pushes results from mobile optimized sites than sites geared to desktop computers. This factor is also known as local search.
Note: (Make sure to make your website compatible in mobile phones where must of your visitors are. Lacking Mobile Compatibility does not provide results as per their desires. However, everything is same but mobile is a smaller devices and mismatched your whole site and requires users to find the relevant answers for longer time, which is not found good by the users. Hence, make sure to make your visitors to get on to you with their easy accessibility.)

However, there may be other factors for being completely a SEO Expert, but these are most highlighted and sufficient areas to fulfill your dream. The links provided above are more likely free but some includes for trail period, but are useful for you to deep insight in short time or try saving them.
Moreover, a creative thinking, visualizing the user’s intention and following the above mentioned factors leads the way in making you a SEO Expert and more and more realization in the reality lead you to make expert of the expert.

(Note: This is a blog for helping you in getting enough knowledge, guides and the references for your understanding everything about SEO. Until you are realized with the fact or do deep research and work hard, it will not compulsorily take you to your expected destination. In simple language, your involvement should be serious while going through this blog to reach your goal.)